FINN is an art collective that seeks out new, different and unusual sites for art events and exhibitions. FINN creative folk are: Bobby Niven, Manuela Gernedel, Rory Middleton, Anna & Nick McCarthy.

On Saturday the 26th May FINN will be hosting an art event entitled the S.A.W. Show at the former Finnieston saw doctors at 24 Elliot Street. The exhibition opening will take place between 3pm and 8pm and will include over 20 artists, musical performances and a cafe. The exhibition will run from Tuesday 29th May to Friday 1st June, 12pm – 5pm.


and more here by Mr.Jim Slip:
below also by Morag Keil:

The S.A.W. Show will involve a variety of Glasgow based artists as well as artists from the Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, Sweden and America. The theme for the S.A.W. Show is provided by the venue itself. This is one of the primary foundations of the exhibition. We have chosen artists that both resonate and contrast with the venue, providing a series of different installations and incidents.

The disused Finnieston saw doctors offers an opportunity to encounter art in alternative contexts. The industrial interior will provide a platform within which the artworks will perform, building up a medley of different encounters and occurrences. The S.A.W. Show attempts to play off the atmosphere of this setting that is submerged in temporal slippage with questions gravitating around industrialization, prosperity, demise, changing state of workspaces and ideals of labour.



Bobby Niven
Manuela Gernedel
Rory Middleton
Anna McCarthy
Nick McCarthy
Baldvin Ringsted
Barry McLaren
Steff Norwood
Morag Keill
Shana Moulton
George Gray
Kristian Koerner
Leanne Coughlin
Jacob Anckarsvard
Martin Clark
Jim Dixon
Keith Boadwee
Michael Wilkinson
Morag Keil
Lucy Stein
Celia Hempton
Andy Knowles
Anna Mields
Alex Gross
Tom Sander
Nicolas Ceccaldi
Jana Matejkova
Jonty Lees
Sigga Bjoerg sigurdardottir
Gino Saconi
Andy Wake
Jihae Simmons
& The Kelvingrove Caf

LIVE! Jo Robertson, Omnivore Demon, Gew Gaw & Glasgow Improvisation Orchestra

The Finnieston saw doctors has remained empty since its closure in 1982 following a decline in the demand for blades to be sharpened in favor of simply discarding the damaged goods and replacing them with new ones. It sits as a silent witness to this shift in our understanding of obsolescence and the consequent transformation of this area of Glasgow from heavy industry to a service industry. The old machinery has a foreboding presence, groaning in damp and dark corners and hanging ominously on ceilings. A space that would once have been alive with kinetic contortions now sits motionless.



Jakob Anckarsvärd:


2 Responses to “FINN PRESENTS THE S.A.W. SHOW”

  1. Jo/e Noakes Says:

    Wow! I’m so glad I got a referal to this site. Now I have a group to aspire to have show some of my art. I wish my current home town (Austin, TX, USA) was more interested in putting music and visual art together into unusual spaces. I may use you as inspiration to start waves here.

  2. Morag Says:

    Thanks for having me, the show was great.


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